TODAYNOW manifested in the wake of a global pandemic & international protests regarding race relations/political ideologies and fixed dogma in the world today. TODAYNOW is a artist-run virtual space with exhibitions at undisclosed locations with leading international artist and visionaries created by Erol Scott Harris & Thelonious Stokes. Weaving multidisciplinary identities through a space outside stodgy institutional spaces, and into more fair and equitable places that are appropriately representative of diverse creators and their histories.

Join us for our first group show at west side warehouse located at 4106-08 W. Chicago .
Including works by Thelonious Stokes, Erol Scott Harris, Norman Teagues, Mathias Ruchin, Messejah Washington, Ryken Bailey, Jeffrey Sparks, Denny Muntungi, CJ Shaw and more.

When: Saturday August, 28th 2021 6pm-9pm

Where: Silent Funny, 4106-08 W. Chicago 60651